Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hawaiian Legacy - (Sepia Toned Series)

Vintage original authentic Hawaiian prints were used to paint many of my paintings in my Hawaiian Legacy Series.

"Trade Winds In My Hair"
18x24 oil on canvas
Original: Sold

"Poi Pounder" 30x40 oil on canvas

This is an interesting painting. When I painted it, I used the pinkish tone of poi, and pulled the color up through the arm of the figure, of this old Hawaiian man. I am not sure if that is how he got his power for sure... but I rather think so. No matter where you stand in the room, not only do his eyes follow you but his head and shoulders do as well. You can test it right here on your screen. I have often put him in the entrance of our home to watch over us.
People joke about poi tasting like wallpaper paste... not true, to me anyway. I love it. I used to have it with eggs every morning. Old Hawaiian Aunties usually like their poi real sour... I tend to agree.

"Paddle Man" 30x40 oil on canvas

Notice his toes in the soil... I love that part of this painting. I also love the subtle color changes in the canoe.

"Old Man" 40x30 oil on canvas

All of his possessions are in the burlap bag he leans on as he sits under a lean-to.

"The Chant" 24x18 oil on canvas.

"Wedding Song" 24x18 oil on canvas

"Ukulele Girl" oil on canvas
24x30 oil on canvas

18x24 oil on canvas
Original: Sold

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